Heads and Tails of Chef Matt Fox

Being a farmer has its perks. Like getting to hang with young gun Chefs. Last week Lismore’s Black Sombrero young gun Chef came out to the farm to check out our livestock and gardens. He didn’t leave empty handed, although he did forget to take the Ginger we picked. Better come back for that and more Matt.

Chef Matt took one of our Large Black Spit pigs with him. A 24 kg boar that would have been about 5 months old when it had its one bad day as we like to say. It’s hard to beat enthusiasm when it comes to cooking. Matthew has plenty of that. Initially, the plan was to break the carcass down into shoulders and legs and belly. When Matt saw the pig hanging in our cool room he decided that he would go the whole hog and take the whole pig. I got to hear some of his ideas about what he would cook up using the head and trotters. Matt sent me some photos of the prep and the one below really caught me eye.

Image of a Large Black Pigs head
Pig Head for Pozole

I am a bit afraid to post it on social media for fear of Vegan attacks but felt that the blog would be a good spot for this. Furthermore, explaining what was being done with the whole pig should help people who prefer their protein from plants respect the fact that us carnivores are conscious of the animals we eat and pay homage to them by using every thing we can. Speaking of homage here is one of Matthew’s recipes or guidelines for a recipe for Pozole–which means hominy. As you might have guessed this is a traditional Mexican recipe that has a fascinating history and is a delicious example of culture.


Here’s Matt picking up his pig.


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