Heritage Breed Chickens Wanted

Raising heritage breed chickens has been an interesting journey for us the last year: classic fire, ready and aim. It took a bit of time but we finally have things under semi control and are ready to aim a bit higher with our chook side of our farm. Last night in between down pours I took a quick count of our chickens in their various serendipitous habitats. Translation–our chickens have split into 3 groups: the Wild Bunch (Pig Farrowing Shed), Chook Town (Under the Fig) and Down Town Chook Tractor Town (Horse Arena paddock). Here is the rough head count sorted by breed and sex.

Chook Count
Chook Count

With our numbers whittled down it’s time to build our flock again. We have orders for over 200 Point of Lay Heritage Hens and that would take us almost a year to incubate, brood, sort and get to point of lay. Fortunately our original poultry breeder near Casino has got supply so we are going to get 50 point of lay today of various breeds and will keep hunting for more. If you know of anyone who has Pullets to sell have them give us a yell.

Here are some snaps of a few of our diminished flock and yesterday’s yield.

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