Heritage Breed Piglets Sold Out

Sold Out. Pretty sure but you never know some folks can change their mind so give Moe a call to get on the waiting list. Here are the birth dates of the piglets and information on what has sold and what might be available (to the best of our abilities).

We are looking to wean off some of the Mum’s now. Working on sexing and marking — more to come.

Young Mum – 7 piglets born September 21 (8+ weeks approx)
2-females gone

Texas – 12 piglets born September 26 (7+ weeks approx)
SOLD OUT-Tim taking Boars and we are keeping the Gals

Steiner Spotty – born 28 September (7 weeks approx)

Steiner Black – born 25 October (3 week old)

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