Honey For Sale From Rasa

Cromwell Farms is proud to officially announce we are in the honey business! Thanks to Alison’s Dad, John, we are stocked up and stoked to have 1 kg Glass jars of Honey for Sale.

Now for the hard part. How do we label Dad’s Golden Bee Goodness? We know that people who buy our pigs, chooks, and cows are attracted to the way we raise and feed our livestock. And, of course, the fact that we have heritage breeds, which are slower to grow but have so much more to offer then breeds suited for intensive farming. Here is what we have come up with in the last couple of days over a number of chats with Beekeeper John Davis:

Honey’s honey? Right? Wrong! The flavour and nature of honey is controlled by a number of factors: the type of bees, hives, location of hives, and, of course, how it’s processed. Or more accurately, how it’s not processed. Another thing not to be forgotten are the beekeepers and how they treat and work with their hives. Being relatively new to the bee scene, I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed by what goes into the creation of the honey, not to mention being perplexed with how to make money making honey.

Here is a snippet of what our Gardener and Girl Friday, Rasa, has written for Cromwell Farms honey for her roadside stall:

Cromwell Farms, near me and loved by me, has honey for sale!
It is pure, not heat treated, and Yummy Honey!
In a lovely jar for $10 (about a kilo).  Some of their bees live at my place now! How exciting is that!
Because it is NOT heat treated, it can crystalize (which is also Yummy), so it’s good to keep it on a warm ledge.
(FYI: Putting the jar in the sun or warm water will mostly un-crystalize it.)
Rasa Ready to take your money for some honey.
Rasa is Ready to take your money for honey.

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