Introducing Happiness

We changed our family farm slogan a few months back to “Heritage Breeds Happiness” from “since 1853”. Why? Alison will say changing stuff is just what I like to do. True. But there is another side to the story. While it is true that our family farming history goes way, way back in Canada on my Mothers side, this slogan did not go over well on this side of the pond. There are only a few places where Cromwell Farms Since 1853 appeared but it sure got noticed and commented on–or should I say questioned. Lots of mmmm yeah when I told the story of our Canadian farming history.

No point getting the locals off side in a small farming community so we changed our positioning and got rid of a date way back in time and have hung our hat on heritage. Heritage breeds specifically but beyond just breeds we added happiness into the mix which we feel is a key ingredient in family farming. Happy Farmers = Happy Animals.

Now you know the story. Here is a great song and album to go with it by the same name as this blog post.

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