Kaleigh in the Barn Living Room.

Here is a shot I have been hassling my daughter’s boyfriend Jon to get me. Jon has the ability to capture things in his photos that give them such personality and charm. This is one of my favourite ones take in the loft of the barn in Chatham. When we cleared out all the hay after my Grandfather died to make room for old family treasures we set it up to be a bit like a Living Room.

Barn Living Room in Winter

One of the things I saved was a bit contentious at the time. My Uncle’s Wheel Chair. Allan was born with a severe case of Cerebral palsy and was never able to walk. That never stopped my Uncle from being the best Uncle ever and the impact he had on my life has been a lasting one.

Mac's Chair

One day I hope to get this massive area doing more then store old stuff, dust and raccoon droppings. So much potential.

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