Killing, Skinning, and Boning out Roosters

It’s conversion time again on Cromwell Farms. Our rooster stock supply is starting to run low and we have room in the freezers, so it’s time to stock up.

This time we are going to do things a little differently. The last few times, we have gone to the effort of plucking and gutting our roosters. They really turned out well, but to be honest, it’s a slow and arduous process to take a live bird and turn it into something that looks like a store-bought chook.

Growing up, I was taught various ways of cleaning wild ducks by my Grandfather. Later in life, my skills and techniques were expanded upon by my guide and friend Josh White from Walpole Island, where I duck hunted with my Dad after my Grandfather passed away. It’s a very different experience killing a bird with your hands than pulling a trigger at something that is flying in the sky. When you kill something with a gun, it puts something between you and your prey. This video on the subject at hand is a good example of the prettier side of the process. I really like the rope technique.

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