Large Black Boar Road Trip

It has been way too long since I have been on a road trip with Morley. That’s going to change on Wednesday as we hit the road to pick up 3 Large Black Boar piglets from Black Beauty Pigs.

The Large Black piglets we bought from Judy 3 years ago have bean real beauties. Our 2 purebred sows have had 3 litters each. We also kept a lovely Gilt from our first litter back in 2011, and she has produced some lovely piglets, too. So far, we have used a purebred Berkshire Hampshire Cross (RIB Buzby – rest in bacon). He was replaced by our current Berkshire (cross something, we think) Boar known as Barney. A bit of background on why we are buying more pigs: We want to be able to offer our customers both purebred heritage breeds as well as heritage crosses.

Princess mother of our boars-to-be

Now that you have a mud map of our breeding plans, here is a map for Morley to guide us from Brisbane to Judy and back to the farm.

View Larger Map

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