Large Black cross Berkshire

Last night we let Barney have a sleep over in the girls pig yard. He had been confined to the cattle race and lower yard for the last week getting ready for his big night out. Turned out the morning was pretty good for him too. When Morley and I went out to feed the animals this morning he made him self very comfortable on top of Gypsy. Not sure his aim was so good but we are pretty sure he got the job done. Although the word on the street was 3 days after weaning, Gypsy only started to push back yesterday so that was about day 5. We will keep an eye on her in 3 weeks time and fingers crossed Barney will not want anything to do with her.

Next cab off the ranks is Babe who should be cycling this Thursday. Quite a learning experience and I highly recommend taking advantage of animal breeding as a great way to give children hands on sex education. It makes it allot easier to see things first hand in the animal world then sitting down with a book talking about the birds and the bees.

Are you ready yet?

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