Limping Large Black Pig

Alison noticed one of our Large Black Sows was not coming to her food. Very unlike a pig. I checked her out last night and she was not herself but I could not see anything wrong. No temperature and she was alert. This morning Al called me out to have a look at the pigs foot. Which I did and confirmed it was a sore foot.

We have isolated her and are now investigating what to do next. If anyone has experience in this area please let us know before we call our Vet out.

Here is a bit of information I found on limping pigs.

Limping – Due to their abnormally large weight, domestic pigs will often suffer from stiff and sore joints, or can easily injure their legs, feet or hooves. If your pig is limping, always check to make sure there is nothing caught in his/her hoof, or if the hoof is cracked, hot or swollen. If symptoms continue for more than a few days, consult your veterinarian. Other possible causes of limping include nutritional imbalances; foot, joint or leg infections caused by trauma or bacterial infection; or degeneration of bones and joints. Arthritis in pigs is common, although there are different types, and diagnosis of which type is important for treatment. Infections in feet, bones and joints also have multiple causes and should be diagnosed by a vet before a treatment is chosen.

9 June 2011

Looks like its time to call Richard Gregory from Mullum Vet. Our little sow or rather very big sow cannot stand up now. Glad we isolated her and she is very alert and chatting away. Alison gave her a big bucket of feed with milk this morning which she is devouring.

Just got off the phone with Judy Barnet who we bought our Large Blacks from. She has suggested it sounds like it could be something to do with the pigs feet. To check the feet for rot and if that is the case to clean it out and use an antibiotic to help her heal.

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