Line drawings of the animals, people and plants on our farm

With our focus on heritage and family, it seems like a good idea to add a bit more of this into our farm brand. Quietly the old saying about bootmakers children is a bit true about the state of our branding, design and digital goodness.

This blog post is my way of briefing our in-house team to see if we can give our website, shopping cart and social media a big cuddle.

Line drawings of the animals, people and plants on our farm

Step 1-search for “Line drawings of farm animals”

Boom. Wow.

Game changer. The secret plan that I was not going to share was to get Aubrey to have a go at some line drawings. Drawing is one of her many talents but as Aubrey reminded me she has not picked up a pencil in years. This blog was to be her brief. Still might be but the digital goodness of grabbing the vector files and then have Aubrey art direct and tweak them is going to be the go I reckon.

Now I have gone down the rabbit hole again looking for different style illustrations and applications.

Digging deeper into the rabbit hole. Don’t ask how I did this. Ok but I can tell you I didn’t pick up a pencil. Just did a bit of geeky pixel work from one of my photos. It would be great to be able to capture the character of everyone and overall ideas without having to call in the creatives.

Rip. Large Black Boar.

Just a bit deeper and then I might have to go and do some farming. Want to find a tool that could replicate the style of an illustrator/artist that turns photo images into drawings like the one of Rip. It would be nice if the tool could use AI, digital learning to improve as each original illustration is processed. A tool that could search the internet for line drawings of specific animals and then match and transcreate based on what was needed.

One more. This was a photo I took last week. Look at those little early born piglets. Mum’s first one. That little pig was a great support for her in the first few days.

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