Lots dropping

Large Black x Berkshire Piglets


You know things have been busy on Cromwell Farms when the blog is not getting regular updates. And busy our heritage animals have  been giving birth. Here is an update from Aubrey’s notes.

20 November 2012

Condillisa gave birth to a Bull Calf who we have named Charlie

21 November 2012

Jenny gave birth to a Bull Calf Jack (In honour of Jenny Lee Learn and Gregory Jack Learn) And sister Jenny

24 November 2012

Azalia gave birth to a Heifer Calf  A -something
Large Black Sow Babe served by our Berkshire Boar Barney gave birth to 13 piglets (one did not make it)
7-Muscovy Ducks delivered from Duck Farmer Neil Moran

7 girls*
5 boys*




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