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Up early and doing my best to get organised for another adventure to Oakey and back. Dug up this familiar email from our the pick up that started it all. I’ve left most of the information in the never know when I might be looking for directions again. Oh and I have added in a few comments in bold to round out the read.

Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 6:23 AM
To: Morley Cromwell <[email protected]>,, Greg Cromwell <[email protected]>

Hi Greg,

We have put in three animals (4 including the calf at foot.) to give you a little better choice. We will pay all transfers, and Condalissa registration. As she is not registered yet you could change her name if you wished.

Aubrey, Morley and Bella went with me. We ended up taking all four. The little calf was getting bounced around in the float and when we stopped in Toowoomba the girls thought it best to put her in the truck. Yes in the truck. Our Chinese Take away dinner with the calf still makes us laugh.

All animals are registered purebreds.Reanna is the 4th generation in her Dams line and Condimine is of the same line. Abilena has the same Dam as another heifer we sold who has won several Best Udder Class’s including Qld Dexter Udder 2008, so they should be excellent milkers.

These four heifers are still with us and have produced so many great calves. Abelina turned out be in calf and she gave us our first calf born on our farm–which was back on Mill Rd. We have milked Condamine all of them at some point and they do have great udders.


Come over Killarney, through Warwick, heading to Toowoomba on the New England Highway.

Once in Toowoomba get onto the Warrago Highway and head to Oakey. Through Oakey, over the railway line and head to Cooyar, you will go through a little place that has only a pub on the right hand side of a very sharp corner. Continue on past the Peranga turn off on the left and the Old Ever green school on the right. Kings Hill road is approx 2.5 ks on the right past the old school. Turn there its a dirt road. you will go up a hill that is sealed, right on the top left is Dowling Road.Go over the cattle grid. You’re not in anyones property!!! Just under 2ks on the right hand side on top of the hill is our Margrita Dexter Sign and a very rusty gate. We’re through there and down the drive in the big shed. If you get to a 2nd cattle grid you have gone 100 metres too far.

Have you got children and will they be with you?

I sure did. That was the first of many adventures of the Four Girl Dexter Stud. Love you daughters. Wish I could have you riding with me today. Looks like another Kelpie Road Trip. Time to Load up.

Regards Judith and Terry

Margrita Dexter Stud.

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