More prepared for the Mullumbimby Show

What a great morning. The rain has held off and we moved the herd from the other side of the little creek where they were feeding up on the lush green grass. Once we had the cattle in the yard Alison, Morley and I separated the Dexters we thought we be “best for the show.” Luckily Aubrey came on the scene in time to confirm which cows should go and start preparations.

We would love to get your comments on our cows. Here is a list of criteria Aubrey sent me from the Dexter Bulletin on grading Dexter Cattle.

Colour: wholly black, wholly red, wholly dun are of equal merit.

Head: short and broad, tapering towards a broad muzzle.

Horns: horns should be moderately thick, with an inward, upward curve.
Polled animals are acceptable as are dehorned animals.

Body: breast prominent. Straight, level underline. Good width between both front and back

Udder: udder should be well attached, with high and wide rear attachments, and carried well for ward.
Teats should be medium size, well placed on udder, hanging plumb and equal in length. All four quarters should be of equal size.

Size: cows- the allowable height is between 91cm and 112cm at the rump.
bulls- the allowable height is between 97cm and 117cm at the rump.

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