Morley working from the couch

Morley asked me if there was anything she could do to help me. Not unusual other then she asked from the couch where she has been spending allot of time lately. Long story but the latest is Chicken Pocks.

So I have asked Morley is she can help me put a list together of things that need to get done this weekend. So much for that. Moe is not going for watching me type. Time to go wheel in the sick lamb so Morley can watch over it.

Sick Little Lambs

With Morley out of commission and the rest of the family at Netball it was handy that a bunch of Swans flew in. Below are Sarah and Dan Swan, Trevor (Sarah’s Dad) with the delivery crew rolling off the bale. A variation but not as thirst quenching as roll out the barrel.

Many bums make light work



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