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A good farm needs a good vet. We must be on our way to having a great farm because our vet Richard Gregory from the Mullumbimby Veterinary Clinic sure does take good care of our animals. Big and Small: from Bogart and Benji the bird to Kicking Cross and Elmo Boy.

Yesterday was not one of the most pleasant visits. Last year’s de-horning of the cattle did not go as well as it should have. Even with two attempts at burning the horn buds off. This lead to our lovely heifers having little horns which is not something we want in our herd. Mostly for safety reasons but also as a breeding stud we don’t want to have horned cattle.

While Richard was removing the horns we also had the little heifers pregnancy tested. Loco the bull has had a few opportunities to be with the young girls and seemed to show a particular attraction to Rosie the Red Dexter Heifer.

I do have some photos of the procedure; however, in an unusual act of discretion I am not going to post them. If anyone is interested in understanding what a day of dehorning is like please let me know and I can send on some of the gory details.


Daisy-dehorned, preg tested (all clear)
Rosey-dehorned, preg tested, magic needle as precaution
Annabell-dehorned, preg tested (possibly), magic needle
Kharma-dehorned, preg tested, magic needle
Condillisa-further treatment to udder
Chip-all clear-will 7 in 1 in a few weeks (and do a good job dehorning in time)

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