Mullumbimby Show Preparation

The Four Girl Dexter Stud is getting ready for its 3rd Mullumbimby Show this November (not sure about the date–their site has not been updated). Better get on that.

Speaking of getting on–the girls are already preparing their cows and took the time yesterday to write down some notes on the cows they want to take and the work that needs to go into them. It’s great to have some help with content for the blog too. Thanks Aubrey, Morley and Bella. Can’t wait for the show…when ever it is.

Cromwell Farms

Show cows:

Annabelle (black heifer)– Annabelle is the 2nd daughter of Abaliena and the sire is Twin-Bull. She was also the first calf born in our first lot of calves.

Annabelle has great structure and a good straight flat back. Annabelle

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