Neil, Mish, Alby, Ted drop in

Our long time friends the Moran’s just dropped by the farm to collect a few laying birds. They have just moved into the neighbourhood and their new digs came with a great chicken pen. It’s so darned exciting to share the living off the land love with people. Our girls were very specific about the birds we could pass on: only the Isa Browns which we have not bred ourselves. Alison made me sell them with a if they don’t lay bring em back clause. At the moment out of 30 birds we are only getting a few eggs a day. Seems the girls are not liking their solitary confinement under the fig tree. Lucky we have Alison’s Dad the Chook Dr coming soon to guide us to more eggs.

Happy laying with the Moran Family chooks. Neil let us know how the goods from the Veggy Garden cooked up. We are looking for feedback on our produce which we are starting to sell at the Federal Store to go along with the firewood.

5 thoughts on “Neil, Mish, Alby, Ted drop in”

  1. I love the picture of Alby and Ted. Look carefully and you can see Jasmine and Bogart watching over them.. it’s ok dogs they won’t hurt the girls little chook.

  2. That big bloke looks like a prop I once played with. Any chance he will come back and play – it might just bring me out of retirement (only because I know I would get to sit on the bench)

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