New Home for our House Cows

Over the past year our house cows have had several homes and we have milked our girls in several different places–all out in the elements. With the recent addition of a single milking machine and two more Milking cows we knew it was time for some shelter. The timing could not have been better for making this happen. Our Cow Consultant, Peter Learn from Nogo Farms, was flown in from Canada for this mission and a few other things around the farm. Pictured below are a series of construction photographs and captions to display our new multipurpose area. If you want plans for this shed functional farm budget shed please contact us. Thanks LP and your offsider TTT.

Peter Learn(LP) and Damian Mowbray (TTT)utting down the tin on the milking barn.
Look out below. LP working on the rafters.
Ebby can't wait to get into the new covered barn for a hook up with LP.
The new barn even comes with a farmer style night light.

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