NLIS Database Relief

Confession time. Neither Alison nor I thrive on doing paper work. We know it’s important but we would rather be out with our animals then on a computer or sitting confused at bureaucratic forms and such.

One thing that has been weighing on our mind has been recording cattle activity on the NLIS website.

Today we got onto the site to record our big weekend of successful deliveries of last years dexter heifers to Deep Water and Gunnedah. We pondered if we needed to add the calves to our property before we could transfer them; furthermore, we wondered what the go was with animals we have taken to the abattoirs. While we were scratching our heads I picked up the phone and called their helpline “1800 654 743”. After a short wait we got the help we needed. What a relief.

The nice person from NLIS explained to us that the onus was on the folks who we sold cattle to for transferring our cattle to their PIC. As we have filled on the NVD paperwork we have done our part. More good news was that the abattoir updates the database whenever they kill an animal.

Good to have that guilt off our shoulders. Our only responsibility is to make sure we add any cattle that we purchase onto our PIC.

Celebration time. Fresh first cut Lucerne for all our animals.

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