NoGo Farms

NoGo Farms

For more than 30 years a connection between the Cromwell Farms family and NoGo Farms Learn family has remained strong. While not being related by blood the Cromwell’s and Learn’s will always remain family by choice.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

In 1988 Greg Cromwell met the Learn family when he bought a 100-acre property on Porter Lake. Gord and Norma and their boys Rob, Peter, and Jamie became fast friends. When Greg and Alison moved to Porter Lake in the spring of 2000 with their young daughter Aubrey, the Learns took them under their wings and taught by example and experience the work hard, play hard stresses and joys of family farm life. It was these experiences that helped solidify this was the life the Cromwell’s wanted for their growing young family.

About NoGo Farms

NoGo (No for Norma, Go for Gord) Farms is located in Restoule Ontario. Gord and Norma Learn moved to Restoule from South Western Ontario in the 1970’s. Their Family Farm focuses on breeding Limousin cross beef cattle, construction, forest management and making Maple Syrup.

Spring at NoGo

Each spring during the syrup & calving season it is a common site at NoGo to see neighbours and friends working in the sugar bush or gathered in the sugar shack happily being social workers. Syrup Orders start rolling even before the sap begins running & often sells out before new crop. Call 705-729-5621 or email [email protected] to place your order. Greg Cromwell learned the art of making maple syrup as an apprentice over the years and has tried his hand at tapping some of the maples on his property at Porter Lake.

Summer & Fall at NoGo

Summer months mean making-hay-while-the-sun-shines, literally. Construction projects begin late spring and last until late fall when the ground is too frozen to work with. These projects include such things as installing septic beds, doing property maintenance and development. Services and products include: supply and delivery of sand, gravel, topsoil, crusher dust, rip rap, and pit run installation and construction of driveways, basements and septic systems. While Gord attempts to ease into retirement you’ll often see ultra-experienced Pete (LP) and/or a reliable hired helping hand on site to complete the task.

Winter at NoGo

Winter is a time for snow & forest management. Winters in Restoule can be brutally cold along with the cold comes a change of pace a time for rest and often a chance to travel & experience warmer climates.

Hearts of Gold

The Learn family are community-minded involved in many surrounding opportunities such as Lion’s Club, Church and Fire Department. You’ll also often find Norma happily preparing massive hearty home-cooked meals for any number of friends and neighbours who happen to roll in during the dinner hour.

Peter Learn aka Little Pete (LP)

Steve, Greg and Peter Learn fueling up with morning coffee

Since 2009 Peter Learn has been raising free-range pigs on his property attached to No-go Farms. Each year demand for his free-range pigs has expanded and his waiting list of customers is the best endorsement a farmer could ever have. To keep up with the demand of locals and a select group of City Folk in Toronto, Pete has expanded his pig operations. Sourced from a reputable pig breeder in the area LP (Little Pete) is excited to be expanding into some heritage breed cross pigs.

NoGo may not be a Cromwell Family Farm but will always be a Cromwell Farm Family

In 2001 the Cromwell’s settled and started their farm all the way around the world in Australia. The two families have proven geography will never be a concern when staying connected. Each of the Learn brothers has made several trips to Australia and the Cromwell’s make sure to reconnect with the Learn’s on each trip back in Canada. Even if the trips are rushed or have other agendas with growing families the Cromwell’s and Learn’s never struggle to make memorable moments.

For NoGo services or products contact – Peter Learn by email [email protected] or Gord or Norma Learn at [email protected] or 705-729-5621

NoGo Farms

504 Hawthorne Drive
Restoule ON
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