Our First Piglets

The Cromwell’s are proud to announce the birth of their first pigs. Aubrey is going to send me some pictures tomorrow and can’t wait to see how they look. Apparently we have a mix of colours and Alison says when they were born they start running around at high speed.

More to come. Sewweee.

And here are the pictures and a movie too. Thanks Aubrey you girls did a great job at naming them too:
Diesel, Black Bear, Boo, Scout and Whistle.

Our First Five Piglets

Click the link below for a small video clip.

Proper pig terms. If you are going to talk about swine you might as well do it good and proper.

Groups are called Swine. Or also a herd, drove, mob, or sounder of pigs or hogs.
Male pigs are called boars.
The females are called sows.
The young are called piglets.
A castrated male hog is called a barrow.
And young female hogs are called gilts.

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