Pig Paperwork

We have sold out of our last three litters of pigs before they were even born. It would seem that we have been ahead of our time once again and raising pigs seems to be the new Black.

Thursday April 1, 2016
-Young Large Black piglets born
Friday April 2, 2016
-Spotty Steiner piglets born

Monday May 23, 2016
-weaned Spotty Steiner and Young Large Black from their litters

Friday May 27, 2016
-put Rip the Pure Bred Large Black Boar with the sows in the Fig Paddock

Monday May 30, 2016
-Tim from Milk & Honey picked up nine piglets
-Raj Singh visited to deliver some roosters and to look over our pigs***

-waiting to hear from Johno from Byron Bay The Farm on 8 piglets
-waiting on Liz E to pick up two piglets


Keeping track of dates and remembering swine timing is critical to raising healthy, happy and here comes a word not used often potentially profitable pig breeding.

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