Pig Update

We must be happy because our heritage breed pigs are doing a great job breeding. Alison and the girls did such a great job while I was away in Canada helping out my Mum on her farm and doing a few other things for a couple of weeks.

Where to start?

New Black Sow-6 piglets born – 20th April 2015

Black Steiner pig did her thing again opting for a pasture birth. #pasturedpigs #hertigagebreeds #piglets

A photo posted by Gregory Cromwell (@gregorycromwell) on Apr 21, 2015 at 11:50pm PDT

Steiner Black Sow-10 piglets born –

Steiner Spotty Sow-10 piglets born – 1st of May 2015

We will have weaner piglets available for sale at $100 starting mid June.

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