Pig Weaning and Breeding

Alison and I got stuck into after the Falls Festival tonight.
It was a bit of a pig hoe down. Our beautiful Diesel is looking close to pigging so we got her in her prepared pig pen. Shifted Rip Van Miracle out to the bottom L section and Fig Tree Race–lured by the Steiner Sister Sows who are ready to go again.

The Steiner sister’s have got 19 piglets in the cattle race. Almost 7 weeks old so good to wean. Steiner-Spot-9 piglets born -Nov 19th
Steiner-Black-10 piglets born – Nov 21st

Out in the big pig pen there are at least a couple of boars going on 40 kg and some big girls. Plus about 4 20 kg piglets.

It’s never a problem to get approval for taking pigs to Booyong. More boys this time for some Boar Curry at the Top Shed Long Table Lunch on Jan 11th, 2015.

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