Piglets May 24, 2013

Another just in time pig production. A day after getting Babe in the farrowing pen she let go of a litter. I was in Melbourne and from what I gather the weather was miserable and it was quite a scramble for Alison and the girls to keep the piglets warm. Babe had twelve piglets this time and we are now down to nine. Lost 3 in the first couple of hours. They would appear to have been premature and Babe was not milked up enough to give them an early boost. The nine are all doing fine and we have amped up the heat lamps over them to keep them warm.

With this new lot we are now in good shape for our annual pop up pork shop before Christmas. This will also give us some more weaner piglets to sell in the next few months. There are a number of people who are considering getting some of our heritage breed piglets including Harvest Restaurant.




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