Pigs: Their breeding, feeding and management

It’s a joy to be reading V.C. Fishwick’s “Pigs: Their breeding, feeding and management”. I found it at a great book store in Mullumbimby. This book, first published in 1939, is going to be a bit of a free range family farming pig bible, I reckon. When a cover says, “PIG HUSBANDRY RESEARCH STATION, SOUTH-EASTERN AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, WYE KENT,” it’s got our attention.

Here is what The Fertiliser Journal had to say about this book back in the day…

“A very readable book. I am sure it will be really helpful to any pig-breeder or pig-feeder. There are few problems of pig management on which the light of long experience is not directed by Mr. Fishwick.”

It’s a bit late, and I want to finish this blog before I go to bed. Time to put to bed the question of when to wean Diesel’s first litter of piglets.

6 – 12 weeks is the answer. Lots of room to ponder over a good night’s sleep, knowing that we might already be ready to wean. Good job, Diesel Gilt Girl. Time for a wee rest and then back at it again.



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