Pop Up Pork Sale-April/May

Pop Up Pork-Monday April 30 – May 3
Heads On Spit Pigs Available. $12 / kg

17.7 kg-sold Jay O’Harae
18.6 kg-sold Jeremy Burn
19.8 kg
24.5 kg-sold Graeme Stockdale-Stock Pot Kitchen
25.8 kg – sold Matthew Bleakley-Office Accountants
26.7 kg – sold Bella Cromwell
27.1 kg – sold Morley Cromwell
27.9 kg – sold Aubrey Cromwell
31.1 kg -sold Alison Cromwell

What are we going to do with our Big 4? It’s a bit indulgent but we are going to get as much bacon and ham out of the little pigs as possible. We oversold at our last Pop Up Pork Sale and were left with very little bacon and one lonely Ham. The rest we will use for thick pork chops, roasts and some herby pork sausages.

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