Pop Up Pork Sale Father’s Day Prep

The pigs are with Pat the Butcher in Clunes getting prepared for a pending Pop Up Pork Sale. Here are the stats on the Big Pig 4.

Pig 1-74 kg with-30mm of fat
Pig 2-78.2 kg 22mm of fat
Pig 3-71 kg with 19mm of fat
Pig 4-89.2 kg with 26mm of fat

Pat has been given Free Range to butcher these up into fancy cuts to suit our Chef friends.

  • Cam from Forage and Graze is after collar butt and leg meat–(oops–timing didn’t work out but thanks for prompting us to take some piggy’s to market)
  • John from Traditional Thai wants pork bellys, hocks and collar butt
  • Dan Hill, Farm Gate Providore is after whatever free range pork he can get

And to think Alison and I were a bit worried about what we would do with all our Pastured Pork.

More on our Pop Up once we know what’s left to sell. Ok game on.


Sunday August 31st, 2014

191 sheaffes road

10 am – 1 pm


If you want to beef up on your pork cuts a picture is a 1000 words.


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