Poppy Goes Home

It’s going to be a big day at Four Girl Dexter Stud. We have a horse float full of Pressos to be unloaded, labelled and made ready for shipping first thing Monday. Not really farm work but these little non electric coffee makers have sure helped us make a bit of money to grow our farming endeavours.

Once the float is empty Aubrey, Morley and Bella are going to help me drench and vaccinate Poppy before we return her to David and Helen in Nashua. The girls are working out the invoice for the Stevenson’s right now. There are quite a few things to take into account and we will give our friends a good deal. Here is what’s on the list.

Pick up and return: $20
Agistment: $3/week
Drenching, tagging and vaccinating-$20
Service Fee-$100

Time to do a bit of math. Glad we have

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