Preserving and Conserving

This is an article in process. A few years ago I discovered Fowlers Vacola, a great Australian company that has been around for a long time in the preserving game. I just love their brand and I am having a good time collecting and putting their gear to use. Last night we were making some tempura and I wanted to use some fresh oil. The old oil is well worth saving for putting on animal feed to help shine up coats and is perfect for preserving timber. But what to put it in. Found a couple of big mother Fowlers Jars and voila. Oil safe and sound and ready for future use.

Got me thinking that the big jars would also be idea for storing milk. This got me onto an ebay mission, where I buy all our Fowlers and other vintage gear, looking for big jars. Here is a list of what jar numbers convert to in terms of size .

No. 10 – 250 mL
No. 14 – 400 mL
No. 20 – 600 mL
No. 27 – 900 mL
No. 28 – 600 mL
No. 31 – 850 mL
No. 36 – 1250 mL
No. 65 – 2200 mL
Fruit Juice bottle – 600 ml

Bring on the number 65’s.

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