Kelpie Puppies

We have a litter of Australian kelpie puppies looking for their forever homes! We have 1 boy still available: Bruce (red). These pups have been handled daily by my 4 loving children, and are vet checked and up to date with their vaccinations. They have been treated for fleas, wormed every 2 weeks and microchipped.



Kelpie Puppies

Our latest litter was born on February 2, 2022.
Puppies were vet checked, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped on March 23.
Transport can be arranged (at the new owner’s expense).

We have a litter of Australian kelpie puppies looking for their forever homes!

We have 1 boy still available: Bruce (red).

We are regenerative farmers raising heritage breed pigs, cows, horses and chickens in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Our first Kelpie from a Dairy Farm, Red, had four litters and we kept a pup from most. Marley has now taken over as mother with the help of their father (Max), and their fourth litter arrived on Feb 2, 2022. Marley and Max work hard every day. 

Our pups make excellent working and companion dogs. They need plenty of stimulation and active handlers. With patience and work, they can be trained to do almost anything.

Please feel free to contact Greg for any more photos or questions, preferably via text on 0447 755 440

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These puppies are not only adorable in the way all puppies are, but you will quickly recognize their full potential. Kelpies are natural leaders who will work for you while also becoming your close companion. Even while they exhibit their independent nature, Kelpies will be fiercely loyal. They are very intelligent which makes them easy to train and their even temperament makes them an excellent choice for families although these dogs certainly don’t shy away from hard work. In fact, Kelpies are eager to work, thriving on it. They are alert animals who do best when given ample opportunities for both physical exercise and mental stimulation and they will quickly adapt to their new life with you.


A Kelpie puppy is a truly beautiful dog. These adorable creatures with their shiny coats and inquisitive eyes are tiny bundles of energy, romping around, displaying a healthy curiosity and a desire to explore. Watching their ears perk up as their tails wag happily is a preview of the hard-working companions they will grow up to be. This breed has several coat colours including black, black and tan, red, and red and tan. Their coat is soft and easy to manage with moderate shedding. Their coats can withstand all kinds of weather making them suitable for any environment. Kelpies are medium-sized breed that measures 41-51 cm at the withers. Although they can reach a maximum weight of 25-27 kg, the average Kelpie weighs 14-20 kg. They are very hardy dogs with few health problems.

Kelpies at Cromwell Farms

You can rest assured when choosing a Kelpie puppy from Cromwell Farms. Each puppy is thoroughly checked by a vet before leaving our farm and beginning a new life at your home. Our puppies are also wormed and vaccinated. Each one receives a microchip for that extra level of security for you, as well as the puppy. Transportation can be provided, at the new owner’s expense, but a visit to Cromwell Farms when puppies are available for sale will certainly put you in the mood to take one home! Introducing a Kelpie puppy into your home means a fulfilling balance of independence and loyalty from a dog that will quickly become an important part of your family.


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