Rajan Singh-Pig Farmer

When we first moved to the Byron Shire we were made to feel very welcome the Singh family. Greg can’t recall where he first met John but he sure knows how much having John as a mate has been one of the best connections the Cromwell’s have made. The families have very different ethnic backgrounds but that is where the differences end. A shared passion for family, community, laughter and living off the land makes these two families almost identical.

John’s youngest son Raj has taken Greg under his wing and is always happy to share his knowledge and resources-especially when it comes to Pork. The Singh’s are recognised around the world as premier Pig Producers. Pictured below is Raj in the pasture inspecting the condition of our Pigs. It looks like we have plenty to go to market in time for the peak pork demand around Christmas.

Raj and the Large Black x Berkshires

Here you have Raj assessing which pigs are ready for market.

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