Rasa Market Gardening Gal

We’ve got some exciting news to share. The Head of Order and Organisation at Cromwell Farms is about to add another role to her busy schedule: Rasa has agreed to contribute to our Farm Blog. I’m so excited.

Rasa is a wealth of information and an abundance of energy. No weed is safe and not even kikuyu can’t run fast enough to get away from Rasa.

The plan to start is to have Rasa share here weekly reports that she has been sending to Alison and I via email for a year or so. I am sure Rasa is wondering why I would want to share that — correct that nobody spends much time wondering what I might do next because I am not even sure. When you do as much as Rasa does and know as much as she does you will all come to benefit from her Gardening and Life Wisdom. Did I mention she is a Seed Saver Extra-Ordinaire too?

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