Remembrance Day Words from my Mum

Dear Greg and Karyn

Please share this with your children and my grandchildren.

As we are getting ready for church this morning, I pinned muy poppy on my jacket over my heart and I had strong thoughts and memories of my Uncle Stan Campbell who served in the Second World War and when the war was over and he returned to Canada, he was unable mentally to forget the horrors of the bombing and the children killed and unfortunately spent the rest of his life which was forover 40 years in a Vdteran’s Hospital in London, Ontario. There were visited him many times with Karyn and Greg and as they grew older, they too formed a loving relationship with a warm and wonderful man. He is the person I remember most as a youg child, He was indeed my favourite unclde.

Then there were the two cousins, Donald and Raymond Muston, whose mother, Bertha, died very young and my grandamother and grandfather, Lester and Viiolet Gregory raised them. So they grew up here on the farm. I have few memories of Raymond as he was killed in the war and Donald, wounded several times and seriously, managed to come home. He and his first wife, Sarah, were very kinmd to me when I was little, They lived in Detroit and many summers, they invited me to come and stay. That was my holiday. In later years, after Sarah died, Donald remarried Liz, who is still living in Detroit and we speak reguarly on the phone. Donald died quite suddenly while walking a dog. It wa always his wish to die quickly and this happened the weekend of Greg’s 40th birthday.. Donald and Liz attended Karyn’s wedding in Detroit and were my only relataives there. Thor and I have so many wonderful memories of Donald and it was a great personal loss when he died. He even used to come and dog sit the house with Duncan and he and Duncan were indeed great pals.

In the first World War, your Grandfather Brock’s grandfather was killed in action. He was Charles Cromwell and left his wife with four small children to raise, Ross (who was Brock’s Dad) Audrey Grossett, Glenn Cromwell and Ollie Cromwell. So they all grew up without a father in their life and Grandma Cromwell never remarried, She moved with the children to Toronto and I was lucky enough to know and love them all. Grandma Brock could tell you stories of his life which are stories in themselves.

Well, I just thought as I was thinking of them all this morning, I would share my memories with you. I love y ou all and we must pray for all the young soldiers that are now fighting for peace of their countries. Our young neighbour, Jason Blackburn, left his wife and new born baby, to go to Afghanastan (think I spelled it incorrectly). This is a huried note and I just wanted to do it when I was thinking about it so we are off out the door.

Now to the guy your know, Grandpa Thor, lived in Glasgow, Scotland while all the bombing was going on very close to his home at the docks in Scotland. He well remembers hiding when they heard the warning sirens and all clear sounds. He too has many manies of very frightening and difficult times which I know he would share although they bring back sad memories.

I love you all and hope you find this interesting and also lets you know that members of your family have fought for the peace of our country.

Grandma Eleanor

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