Responsible Killing and Cleaning Chickens

Up early and getting ready for some local chefs organised by Dan and Lilly (Farm Gate Providore) to participate in a paddock to plate process of killing some free range meat chickens. It’s just another indicator of how our local food culture’s commitment to giving people choices of the food they eat.

I first learned to “pluck and gut” ducks from my Grandfather when I was about thirteen years old. It did not take me long to become pretty good at it as my Dad and his mates who took me duck hunting seemed pretty pleased to do other things while this job got done. One thing that was most important was the respect of the animals we killed: that was shown by utilising everything from the giblets for gravy to saving the feathers for pillows.

When the chefs arrive, I am going to take plenty of time to prepare them for the process and make sure it is very clear that everything possible needs to be done to ensure we do thing properly. It would be great to have my Grand Dad here to help go through the processes with me again. I wish I could see his face if he could watch this video I researched to demonstrate what he taught me. I can’t see him putting on a pink Apron but I can hear some of the words he might have to say about it.

And here is the second instalment.

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