Review of who we are and what we do

One of the hardest things in life for me is figuring out what we really do. This is compounded no doubt by the fact that I have a propensity to add new things to our to doing list every day.

I while back it came to me that I could look at my life as a dichotomy: for a while I was an entrepreneur and farmer; and then I realised what I really wanted to be was a farmer first and an entrepreneur second. This is sitting well with me and I really think I can hang my Akubra on this as who I am.

With that as a back drop the next thing I want to settle and clarify myself on is what kind of farming family we are. Again we have made some progress on this front. Mostly by the act of doing, reviewing and then doing some more. Recently we have changed our farm branding from our original logo and slogan. Cromwell Farms, Since 1853 to a more modern look with the slogan Heritage Breeds Happiness. A play on the fact that our focus is breeding, you guessed it heritage breeds. It also ties in nicely with the long, long history and heritage our families have with farming. Yes we really can claim since 1853 on my Mums side of the family. She is living on the farm she was born on–which is the same farm her Great Great Grandparents took over after they were married in 1853. (insert get Mum to do some fact checking in the family bible).

Now to what got me started on this subject. Some words I read from a link I found on on a social media website.

sustainable, local, grassfed and pastured meats plus we can add to this pastured chickens and eggs.

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