Road Trip Recuitment

All going well there is another Cromwell Cattle Road Trip in the works tomorrow. We’ve gone from feast to famine with our little Dexter Cattle. With the long dry spell we had at the end of the year we shifted all the steers we could. Now that the wet as set in our phone is ringing hot with folks looking for little Dexters to put on their paddocks. Perhaps the price of cattle is driving the demand too.

Regardless, time to stock up on steers and breeders. Only one way to go–Head West and North. Looking forward to catching up with Margrita Dexters — Terry and Judith on Monday and a drop off of a few to Bonalbo. Lots of logistics to work out but hoping Morley and I with Kelpie back up will set out tomorrow around noon. Here’s the mud map.

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