Selling out of Dexter Steers and Heifers

We have had a run on folks wanting to buy Dexter cattle. Sitting here at the kitchen table working on how to fill our sales. Here we go.

Apples 128 from Abella steer 30-11-11

Alabama 132 from Abellina steer 15-11-11

Rain 127 from Reanna  28-11-11

Cathy from Condamine heifer 26-11-11

Ebony from Ebby heifer 3-12-11

Whisteria from Wiskita heifer 17-11-11

Azzy from Azalia heifer 14-11-11

Miles from Milking Cross steer 25-11-11

Happy from Houdine steer 2-11-11

Kev from Kicking Cross 18-11-11


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