Slashing in Eureka (I walk the line)

The Howard Slasher I bought for the tractor is working well but is getting slightly bent out of shape. It is now becoming clear to me the difference between heavy duty and extra heavy duty. For those of you who know me it should have been a no brainer to get the toughest steel possible. Oh well live and learn. Hopefully I can bend it back into shape to get this property looking ship shape for Brian and Morag to sell.

One thing this job has confirmed in my mind is that one of my recent shed ideas (inspired by Johnny Cash) could have some legs. Keeping property lines clear. Around the Northern Rivers you can almost watch your property lines get overgrown day by day. Without attention your fences disappear and slowly your 10 acre block turns into a residential block as the lantana, camphor and other noxious weeds spread there way across your once pristine paddocks.

Better stop typing and start tightening some bolts.

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