Spring Heritage Breeding update

Our heritage breeds are kicking it into high gear this spring putting some beautiful animals on the ground. Spring is definitely in the air, now we just want a few inches of rain to get the grass growing.

Here is a summary of what has landed.


Condillisa-Heifer Calf born on September 29th “Cat”

Condililisas "Cat" Dexter Heifer
Condililisas “Cat” Dexter Heifer

Kicking Cross-Bull Calf born October 3rd

photo and name to come and more calves to come too


One of our farm bred Plymouth Rocks hatched out 8 chicks on her own in the food forest and is doing a lovely job keeping them protected and growing (despite our best efforts to contain her and assist)

Born Sept 15th


Diesel is doing a wonderful job with her 12 piglets (born September 18th) who are growing quickly and showing some incredible high bred vigour. She is our first farm bred Sow and is a Cross from our Pure Bred Large Black sow and a Singh registered Berkshire/Hampshire Cross.

The first two of twelve with Bella.
The first two of twelve with Bella.

Babe or Gypsy looking very close to having piglets. Time to do a bit of refining in our farrowing shed to make room for more heritage to arrive.

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