Steer Stats

Pat just called from the Clunes Butcher Shop and asked what the heck are you feeding your cattle mate? Uh oh. I wonder what that means.

Here are the stats on our 3 steers:

Steer 1-Dexter-6 teeth, 4 mm fat, 178.2 kg
Steer 2-Dexter-6 teeth, 7 mm fat, 201.1 kg
Steer 3-Angus Cross- 2 teeth, 7 mm fat, 208.8 kg

Farm Gate Providore Dan Hill is lending us a hand again with cutting instructions and yet to be asked for a refrigerated delivery of Steer number 2 to Chef Bret at Harvest Cafe.

Interesting to see how much slower growing the Dexter breed is compared to Angus Cross. Really looking forward to doing some tasted testing too of the different meats at our Pop Up Beef and BBQ event on December 14th.

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