Sweet Facts about Honey

We are about to take Alison’s Dad and Mum to our lovely local Lilianas Cafe. It’s so rewarding getting pleasure out of doing business.

In the last few weeks we have samples and sold Head Chef Graeme Stockdale and Owner Greg an assortment of our produce (Dexter Beef, ham, bacon) and what Dad is really excited about — his honey.

Head Chef Graeme with Cromwell Farm Goodies
Head Chef Graeme with Cromwell Farm Goodies

I have described my style of doing business as a bit loose. Those who know me will understand. However there comes a time when you need to tighten up and raise the bar of professionalism which is what I am working on now.

Here is a picture of the honey we dropped off with no invoice or indication of what was contained in this food grade fancy spiggoted bucket.

How many kg's?
How many kg’s?

I was pretty proud that I took the shot for the record. Now what we need to do is figure out how much to charge for this. Dad has told me it’s a 15 litre bucket. It looks about 3/4 full so we will call it 2/3. We sold the honey on a / kg bulk price. Now for some math. Might need Aubrey to help me with this.

10 L of honey = x kg

1.4 kg = 1 L

Therefore 14 kg in the bucket.

For more sweet facts on honey buzz over this great bit of information.


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