Steer Stats

Pat just called from the Clunes Butcher Shop and asked what the heck are you feeding your cattle mate? Uh oh. I wonder what that means. Here are the stats on our 3 steers: Steer 1-Dexter-6 teeth, 4 mm fat, 178.2 kg Steer 2-Dexter-6 teeth, 7 mm fat, 201.1 kg Steer 3-Angus Cross- 2 teeth, […]

Black Piglets for Sale

Black is the new black it would seem when it comes to pigs. Who knew four years ago when we got our first Pure Bred Large Black Breeding sows from the fabulous Judy Barnet from Black Beauty Pigs. It’s great to be part of a renaissance of good eating and a more accountable way of […]

Heifer Calf Road Trip

Preparing for a big road trip with the girls. And when I say girls it’s not just our Dexter Heifers I am talkn bout. Thanks to the fine work of Aubrey and Morley we have sold all our heifer calves from last year. Even more exciting is that the buyers are very enthusiastic about our […]

Lots dropping

  You know things have been busy on Cromwell Farms when the blog is not getting regular updates. And busy our heritage animals have  been giving birth. Here is an update from Aubrey’s notes. 20 November 2012 Condillisa gave birth to a Bull Calf who we have named Charlie 21 November 2012 Jenny gave birth […]