Double Pastured Pig Delivery

Two of our Gilts, who were a little further on then we thought, brought us some more heritage breed piglets yesterday. Not ideal settings for either of our first time girls; however, some fast work by Brad ‘Vortex’ and we got a new farrowing pen setup for New Pig 1 Mum and her 4 piglets. […]

Another beautiful batch of Large Black cross Berkshire piglets

Gypsy delivers again

Another just in time production at Cromwell Farms. About 3 hours after I blogged about Alison and I making room in the farrowing pen for our next Large Black Lady in waiting–the waiting was over. Just goes to show how clever and dedicated our heritage breeds are to their own genetics. No way was Gypsy […]

Large Black Boar Road Trip

It has been way too long since I have been on a road trip with Morley. That’s going to change on Wednesday as we hit the road to pick up 3 Large Black Boar piglets from Black Beauty Pigs. The Large Black piglets we bought from Judy 3 years ago have bean real beauties. Our […]

Babe Large Black Pig Update

Our gilt is really putting the Large in Large Black. We are anticipating doubling our pig count in the next few days as we wait for Babe to drop. She is looking good, eating well and enjoying the warmth and seclusion of the big pig stye. Here she is last night after I gave her […]