Piglets a Plenty

Spring has Sprung on Sheaffes Road. Plenty of piglets on the ground and lots more to come. Here is an update of who’s who on the Free Range. Young Mum – 7 piglets born September 21 Texas – 12 piglets born September 26 Steiner Spotty – born 28 September Steiner Black – born 28 October […]

Pig Paperwork

We have sold out of our last three litters of pigs before they were even born. It would seem that we have been ahead of our time once again and raising pigs seems to be the new Black. Thursday April 1, 2016 -Young Large Black piglets born Friday April 2, 2016 -Spotty Steiner piglets born […]

Lots dropping

  You know things have been busy on Cromwell Farms when the blog is not getting regular updates. And busy our heritage animals have  been giving birth. Here is an update from Aubrey’s notes. 20 November 2012 Condillisa gave birth to a Bull Calf who we have named Charlie 21 November 2012 Jenny gave birth […]