Diesel Weaned Piglets for Sale

Diesel, one of the first pigs we bred has just been weaned. Great job Diesel Large Black cross Berkshire heritage Girl. Here she is about a week ago with her 6 little Large Black Piglets. She ended up with 4 males and 2 females. Morley has sold at least one of the boars but the […]

Piglets a Plenty

Spring has Sprung on Sheaffes Road. Plenty of piglets on the ground and lots more to come. Here is an update of who’s who on the Free Range. Young Mum – 7 piglets born September 21 Texas – 12 piglets born September 26 Steiner Spotty – born 28 September Steiner Black – born 28 October […]


Piglet Pick Up

Cass Amundsen and Kirsten from The Farm in Ewingsdale came to pick up more piglets yesterday. So much fun working with these young and talented farmers who are at the forefront of an incredible movement of people reconnecting with the land. Thanks for sending us these great pictures of the happy piglets in their new […]

Pig Update

We must be happy because our heritage breed pigs are doing a great job breeding. Alison and the girls did such a great job while I was away in Canada helping out my Mum on her farm and doing a few other things for a couple of weeks. Where to start? New Black Sow-6 piglets […]


Double Pastured Pig Delivery

Two of our Gilts, who were a little further on then we thought, brought us some more heritage breed piglets yesterday. Not ideal settings for either of our first time girls; however, some fast work by Brad ‘Vortex’ and we got a new farrowing pen setup for New Pig 1 Mum and her 4 piglets. […]