A Tale of Four Steers

We’ve got two steers from our farm on the way to Pat the Clunes Butcher today. They are making the ride with two other Dexter steers that we took in on the same day from customers of ours near Eltham.

An interesting comparison of the beasts from Pat’s Data Sheets.

Cromwell Steer 1
150 kg
2 teeth
9 mm fat

Cromwell Steer 2
150 kg
2 teeth
7 mm fat

Steer 1

122.6 kg
4 teeth 1 mm
Steer 2
132.2 kg
4 teeth 1 mm
With all this meat we have the lucky job of figuring out how to cut it up. Have always been a big fan of some bone to go with my meat and thought I would do some research on some of the best bone in cuts to pass onto our always willing to have a go Butcher.
Cowboy Steak
Two-inch thick steak ping-pong paddle, the cowboy cut of steak is actually a beef rib-eye, bone-in, with the bone Frenched, so that if you were the cowboy eating this steak, you could just hold it by the bone.
Image from Simply Recipes
Image from Simply Recipes
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