Toyota Hilux Diesel for Sale (NOT)

Sorry neighbours. Thanks for letting us present our paddock beater on your paddocks.
Rocky is now returning to home base. Nobody wants it. Their loss. What farm cannot use
a good diesel engine and a tray to put a 3 dog camper on. Wilson’s Creek Camping here we come.

All I have to do now is get it started and hope some fluid will bring the clutch to life.
Bella has given the mission a miss. Why? What would I do to help Dad?. Morley wanted to come but gets
to stay.

Off I go.

Toyota Hilux Diesel for sale

This old reliable well used hilux has had a rocky time with us on the farm. Alison says get it the heck off the farm. Engine runs well and has had some recent work done on it. For $500 this can be yours. Look at it this way the engine is worth at least that so you get the rest of the truck for free.

Contact us at home on 026684 9400 if you are interested or email [email protected]
The keys are in it if you want to take a better look. Its parked on Goonengerry Rd at the end of Jarrets Rd.

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