Tumeric & Ginger – Taste & Health!

It is that wonderful winter harvest time for root crops of many kinds….. & the one that we know and LOVE the most is GINGER.  At its best when fresh from the ground and dripping with juice and taste it is a wonderful winter drink for warmth and delicious meals.

TUMERIC  has been so much in the health news recently, and with good cause!  It is a fantastic anti-inflamatory and anti-Oxident  for us humans and for those of you with pets!  Give some grated to your dogs in their food, dogs get pain too and Tumeric helps a lot!  Google the other many health benefits and easy hot drink recipes with coconut milk!   Yum!

Cromwell Farms, Organic Fresh Locally Grown Ginger
Healthy Fresh Ginger coming up in the Cromwell Farms Vege Patch.

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